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Hey there, Mac here.

I am the guy behind 3 Week Diet Secret. The primary reason I created this site is because I see many people are concerned about their health related to overweight or obesity, but they are overwhelmed by many weight loss program out there.

I knew it because I was overweight myself. Now I had turned 40 years old and I begin to realize how important to lose my weight and get fit. Just like you, I was worried and afraid of possibility having chronic diseases like diabetes, heart attack and such alike – too early at this important age. There is saying “Life begin at 40”.

Therefore I was looking a solution where then I’d came across the 3weekdiet program. I started implemented the diet plan right after I bought and read the book. As a result, I was losing about 12 pounds in just 3 weeks! It was effective and the diet has become part of my lifestyle.

You can read my honest 3 Week Diet review of the 3 Week Diet and I hope it will motivate you to lose weight too. I am not a nutritionist or dietitian. All the information on this site is based on my own experience, research, and knowledge.

If you want to contact me, please kindly use the contact us form to send me a message.

Have a nice day!




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